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Suffice to say, Pepper was excited for date night. The past two were either forgotten or things came up, but now that it was actually happening, she didn’t exactly know what to expect. Though, Pepper was told by Tony that this was going to the best date night, and she was holding him to it. He had settled on dinner out in the city since the accident and maybe Pepper was a bit iffy about it, but if she couldn’t go out now, when could she? Besides, she would be accompanied by Iron Man, Tony Stark himself, nothing says safe like that.

Dressing in a blue, backless dress, one that looked almost similar to the one at the fireman’s benefit years before, Pepper stepped off the elevator to meet Tony. And instantly, in that moment, Pepper felt her heart skip. It wasn’t everyday that she felt this way, usually, they would banter back and forth playfully, but the look in his eyes, and her own, made her realize that despite all those years being with him - relationship or not - everything was worth it.

"You clean up nice, except… Here." Standing in front of him, finally the same height with the help of her heels, Pepper gently tugged on the end of his tie. This was also normal routine for her. She would either fix or straighten his tie and his handkerchief at the pocket of his suit jacket. "There. Perfect."

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    “… Promise?” He had to make sure. Tony didn’t want to have to do something drastic. What was drastic to him? Attempting...
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    "Because I knew that you would smirk and nod as if you knew. So, why not surprise you with a different term? Tony Stark,...